Taste of Malaysia

With the diverse history Malaysia have, the mix of cultures through Centuries, the large variety of local tribes, Malay's, Ibans, Melanau, Kadazan-Dusun and many more, mix that with the visitors, weather they be Indian, Chinese, Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, British, a few Danes and so on and weather visitors was here for short while only, or fell in love with the Country and stayed on......, the Kitchen & Cuisine of Malaysia is truly a incredible mix of the Nations history.

So today you have a Kitchen & Cuisine that is true to its origin, from the "tribe" or people it came from, and you have a large part of the Kitchen & cuisine, which is really a hybrid or mixture of different cultures all blended into one dish, on a plate for you to enjoy!

Meaning you have Indian & Chinese food in Malaysia that you will not find in India or China, but only in Malaysia.

If you are here from Denmark for the first time, do note that West Malaysian Cuisine tend to use lots of herbs & spices, especially chili & chili padi, so if you are not a fan of "spicy" food, well then better you ask before you order, and choose the less spicy dishes, or ask them to cook it with just a little spices only, and you will most likely enjoy your meal much more.

East Malaysian cuisine tend to use "less" spices, and you will experience the difference in cuisine when traveling between the 2 areas of Malaysia.

Some Malaysian's for various reasons, including religious don't drink alcohol, while others do consume alcoholic drinks. BUT being intoxicated in public is generally viewed as a embarrassment to the person's that it involves, and also the people with them, so it is absolutely best to avoid that!

Islamic functions, be they private or Public do not serve alcohol at all, so don't ask for it, because you will not get any, even if you offer to pay for it by yourself, at a public or private function in a Hotel etc.

Malaysian people in general like sweet drinks, sometimes very sweet.....

  • So when you are offered drinks, try it and if it is just too sweet leave it behind, nobody will take offence of doing so.
  • Tea & Coffee, ask for it "Kosong" meaning empty of sugar & milk, and then add sugar & milk as you prefer yourself. If you don't ask for "kosong" it will automatically be served with both sugar and milk, in generous quantities.
  • If there is no escape from sweet drinks, well you can always ask for ice water, with will then be served to you, even in hotels where tap water or ice water will be served free of charge. (Hotels charge for bottled mineral water, both local and imported versions.)

Some people in Malaysia eat with their RIGHT Hand, (Never the left hand.!!!) and some use cutlery, meaning mostly a fork and a spoon. Malaysian people seldom use a knife, unless they enjoy a steak.!

Eating with your RIGHT hand, is not always as easy as it looks, so if you are not comfortable with trying it, do ask for a fork & spoon, or chopsticks and just enjoy your meal.

If and when you are invited to peoples house, you may encounter that some Malaysian's actually sit on the floor, meaning on a carpet or rattan mat, to enjoy their meal, meaning there is no table nor any chairs to sit on.......

Only one thing to do, try it the best you can sitting cross-legged & enjoy the food they offer you, with a smile.

Try to go for buffet lunch or dinner at a 5 star hotel, buffet lunch may cost you anywhere from 50 to 150++ MYR, (About 100 to 300 DKK) and it normally starts at noon, or 12.00 and finish by 14.30 sometimes 15.00 hours.

Buffet Dinner may be slightly more expensive, depending on the location & establishment you are in.

That gives you about 3 hours to taste starters, main courses, desserts, cakes & pastry from many of the 13 states in Malaysia in 1 location, which is really the fastest you can take a tour of the Nation!

Do try it, you will not regret it.

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